The health and safety of our patients, physicians and employees remain our top priority. As the COVID-19 virus has reached pandemic status, changes in operations were necessary to protect our community and minimize the spread of the virus.

Effective March 19, as recommended by the CDC, all SEES Group offices are now only seeing patients with conditions that, if left untreated or delayed, could result in long-term visual damage or loss, such as macular degeneration patients who are requiring ongoing injections.

Additionally, we are postponing all currently scheduled elective procedures. Our physicians and staff will still be available for post-op visits, though as many as possible will be conducted via phone.

If you are a patient with a sight-threatening condition and need to schedule an appointment, please call us , we are available for any patient that requires assistance.

We are committed to providing our patients, community and team members with the information and care they need to stay healthy.

As the situation changes or develops, we are committed to transparent and open communication.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Eye Health Partners & VisionAmerica!

At Eye Health Partners & VisionAmerica we are dedicated to enhancing and preserving our patients’ most precious sense of sight.  We take pride in caring for our patients’ vision by combining state of the art technology with the most experienced surgeons.  Treatments are based on the unique needs of each patient and are delivered with compassion and respect.

Our Commitment

Outstanding patient care – that is the goal of the doctors and staff at Eye Health Partners & VisionAmerica. We believe that comprehensive, quality eye care is best delivered to our patients through the cooperation of optometrists and ophthalmologists. At our multi-specialty centers, patients come in contact with some of the nation’s leading ophthalmologists in the specialized fields of refractive surgery (such as LASIK and PRK), cataract treatment, vitreoretinal care,  glaucoma management, pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus treatment, and oculoplastic procedures.

Our Mission

Since the inception of VisionAmerica in 1989, our mission has remained unchanged. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care available while advocating the cooperative efforts of optometry and ophthalmology through clinical care, education, and research.

Selecting an Eye Surgeon

Undergoing any surgical procedure can be stressful, especially if it involves something as precious as eyesight. When choosing a surgeon, it is important to choose someone with superior knowledge and experience. Most often, the best source for choosing a surgeon is the family eye doctor. They can explain their experience with different surgeons and provide knowledgeable recommendations to assist with this very important decision.

Having served Alabama and Middle Tennessee since 1989, Eye Health Partners & Vision America have built our reputation as centers for excellence. As such, our specialists consult with and serve the patients of more than 700 optometrists and over 100 medical physicians, who trust our commitment to provide the best possible care for their patient.


Optometrists, who serve as family eye doctors, perform routine eye exams and treat many diseases of the eye. However, when surgical intervention is required, patients are referred to an ophthalmologist who specializes in the surgery required. Our highly trained specialists do not provide routine eye care, which the patient will still need, so they are then referred back to their family eye doctor.   This joint sharing of patient care is known as co-management. Co-management combines both the skill and knowledge of both doctors to provide the best medical care possible. Successful co-management of Eye Health Partners & VisionAmerica with optometrists comes from a relationship built on mutual trust and respect that is developed through shared learning, constant communication, and a commitment to providing outstanding patient care.