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Cullman Retina Treatment – VisionAmerica

1979 Alabama Highway 157
Cullman, Alabama 35058
Phone: (256) 734-9613
Fax: (256) 734-5005
Toll Free: (800) 467-3937

At the VisonAmerica of Cullman office, a team of dedicated vision care professionals offers a range of advanced treatments for various eye conditions. Under the guidance of Dr. Robert Mason, VisionAmerica’s medical professionals have established a reputation as the leading Cullman retina treatment specialists. They have multiple years’ experience treating various diseases affecting the retina – the multi-layered tissue lining the back of the eye. For example, they specialize in laser photocoagulation for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and are also renowned as the foremost Cullman Lucentis and Macugen treatment experts.

Our respected specialists are retina fellowship-trained, meaning that they completed dedicated training for conditions affecting the retina. They have published numerous articles and lectured at many ophthalmology conferences. VisionAmerica’s talented and knowledgeable retina team has been rewarded with the trust of thousands of patients who suffer from debilitating eye conditions. Not only does Dr. Mason, one of our retina specialists, receive referrals from patients who he has treated, but he also receives referrals from physicians across the state who seek the best and most advanced care for their patients. 

VisionAmerica’s retina treatment specialists understand that diagnosis and treatment of retinal problems can be an anxious time, which is why they strive to provide each patient with attentive, compassionate care.  Whether an individual is seeking Lucentis or Macugen in Cullman or is in need of laser photocoagulation therapy, The VisionAmerica of Cullman specialists carefully explain all treatments, including a straightforward discussion of possible side effects. They also encourage Cullman retina treatment patients to ask as many questions as possible and provide clear, thorough answers. This approach greatly reduces patients’ anxiety and promotes more rewarding treatment results. If you would like to learn more about retina treatment in Cullman, please use our appointment page or call (256) 734-9613 or toll free (800) 467-3937 to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

Eye Health Partners’ physicians are proud to treat patients from throughout Alabama and Tennessee. They are renowned as some of the most experienced Gadsden and Birmingham retina treatment experts. In addition, they also specialize in providing retina treatment in Nashville and Montgomery.


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