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SLT Laser – Glaucoma Treatment

SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty) is a non-invasive, FDA-approved laser treatment for glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition characterized by abnormal fluid build-up in the eye, which leads to elevated intraocular pressure (IOP). A high IOP can cause significant damage to the optic nerve, which in turn can lead to a complete loss of vision. Since glaucoma progresses gradually and usually does not cause any pain, it is important to undergo regular eye exams to monitor your eyes’ IOP. Early detection of glaucoma is vital to stop the progression of this disease and to preserve your eyesight.

Your optometrist can perform the tests during your regular yearly exam to detect glaucoma. If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, our experienced surgeons can help you select a treatment plan to monitor and control the disease. If you would like additional information on our innovative treatment options, please use our contact page. In addition to glaucoma, our highly specialized team of doctors also treat patients with cataracts, AMD and many other vision problems at their earliest stages when treatments can be more effective. If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, our skilled doctors can administer the convenient, effective SLT treatment to lower your eyes’ IOP.

How Does SLT Work?

The SLT therapy uses a special laser to reduce the pressure in the eye – the key to halting the progress of glaucoma. The SLT procedure is usually painless, and the entire treatment takes only several minutes. First, our doctor will administer special anesthetic eye drops to numb your eye(s). Then, he or she will apply the specialized laser to the edge of the iris (the colored part of the eye surrounding the pupil). The laser energy stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms enhancing the outflow of the fluid from the eye, which effectively lowers IOP.

The laser’s energy is precisely targeted, affecting only select cells and leaving the surrounding tissue intact. As a result, there is no downtime for the patient and regular activities can be resumed immediately after the treatment. The SLT procedure can effectively lower IOP for up to five years, and the treatment can be repeated as needed.

Vision lost as a result of glaucoma damage to the optic nerve cannot be restored. Our specialists are here to help preserve your precious sense of sight. If you would like to learn more about the convenient, effective SLT treatment performed by our eye surgeons, please visit our contact page.

Eye Health Partners is committed to providing comprehensive vision care for every patient that visits their facilities in Alabama and Tennessee. In addition to offering leading-edge glaucoma treatment such as the SLT Laser and Viscocanalostomy, they also offer vision correction procedure such as LASIK and PRK amongst other treatments.


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