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Strabismus – Condition & Treatment


Actually, it is called Strabismus and it is highly likely that you may be seeing this word for the first time. Strabismus refers to any misalignment of the eyes. It is a condition where both eyes do not look toward the same object together. While one eye gazes straight ahead, the other points in, out, up or down.

Strabismus in children: It is estimated that about 4% of the U.S. population has strabismus. If undiagnosed and treated in children, in extreme cases this serious disorder can lead to decreased vision in one eye, but most certainly it can lead to a lack of depth-perception, trouble navigating, and delays in motor skills and reading development. When diagnosed and treated early through the use of glasses and/or surgery, the majority of young patients can be treated successfully and their vision saved and returned to normal.

Strabismus in adults: While this disorder is usually considered a childhood problem, it can also affect adults. Some adults simply did not receive proper treatment as children, but others can develop strabismus as a result of injury, inflammation, stroke and even sinus disease. If left untreated, adults can suffer from double-vision and experience greater difficulty in driving and performing job tasks. The good news is that this disorder can be treated at any age. Dr. Irene Ludwig is among the world’s top strabismus surgeons and we are fortunate to have her on the Eye Health Partners and VisionAmerica teams.

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The Eyes of our Children Deserve the Best Care Possible

A child’s first 10 years of life are the most crucial time in the development of his or her visual system. Due to the rapid vision development taking place during childhood, it is very important to detect and treat any vision problems as early as possible. One of the most serious eye disorders that can affect children is a condition called Amblyopia, which is vision loss due to delayed visual development. It develops before the age of six, most often as a result of untreated strabismus. A child’s age is a factor in the treatment of this disorder, so early detection can give a child the best chance at reversing and correcting his or her vision. Dr. Ludwig’s vast education, research and experience on strabismus and amblyopia make her the foremost surgical expert in middle Tennessee and Alabama on this and many other conditions of the eye.

The dedicated eye care professionals at the Nashville, Columbia, Huntsville and Birmingham locations offer specialized strabismus treatment in addition to providing quality vision care for all of a family’s members. They also offer specialized LASIK, cataract surgery and retina disease treatments among other leading-edge procedures.


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