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Viscocanalostomy – Glaucoma Treatment in Alabama and Tennessee

Want to learn about the visocanalostomy procedure? Viscocanalostomy is an innovative surgical treatment option for patients suffering from glaucoma. Viscocanalostomy gently opens channels within the eye that allow better fluid drainage to maintain safe intraocular pressure (IOP). Having performed several hundred procedures, our surgeons find that a high percentage of patients’ IOP is controlled without medication after the procedure. Even though high IOP which is linked to glaucoma can often be controlled with medications or laser treatments, patients may find them to be inconvenient.


The risk of many eye diseases increases with age including the development of glaucoma and cataract. More than 2 million people aged 40 and older are diagnosed with primary open-angle glaucoma in the U.S., according to the National Eye Institute and Prevent Blindness America.

Glaucoma is a slowly progressing disease and is often called the silent stealer of sight because patients do not notice the sight loss in the early stages. Glaucoma causes a gradual loss of cells around the optic nerve that carry vital information to the brain. The cell loss seems to be related to an increased pressure of fluid within the eye. In initial stages, peripheral vision is lost and then encroaches on central vision leading to blindness. While the progression of glaucoma can be slowed or halted with medications, laser treatments or surgical treatments, vision that has already been lost cannot be restored.

Benefits and Risks

Eye Health Partners surgeons will thoroughly discuss the risks and benefits regarding this procedure. Some patients choose to undergo a combined procedure involving undergoing cataract surgery and receiving viscocanalostomy at the same time. The procedure is performed in an outpatient surgery facility under local anesthesia and can be completed within a matter of minutes. However, it is important to understand that with any medical procedure there may be unforeseen complications and that outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

In addition to offering viscocanalostomy for treating glaucoma, Eye Health Partners also offers the SLT Laser. Eye Health Partners is also well known for providing other forms of vision care, including helping patients with their vision correction needs by offering procedures such as LASIK and PRK.


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